Pranami Bora is a freelance illustrator currently based in Rovereto, Italy.  She was born in a little town in the beautiful green northeast Indian state of Assam. She has loved to draw since she was a child.  The beauty of nature, the animals, the birds and the diverse cultures that she grew up around are her biggest influences. 
Alongside her passion for art, she pursued a PhD in Computational Biology and is currently working as a Systems Biology Scientist. Yet, she never let go of her creative side.  In 2022, she became a mom to two twin girls and being with her daughters she started to connect to her inner child. She discovered that her true passion was in children's illustrations because she loved creating characters with fun stories and colourful backgrounds. This realisation led her to seek ways to refine her art and learn more about picture book illustrations. She started taking courses with CGMA, Schoolism, Domestika and Make Art That Sells which has helped greatly to improve her skills.

I am available for picture book projects. Please use the contact form for any queries. Thanks!
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